What is Testofen®?

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Testofen is an enhancement product that boosts levels of testosterone in the male body. This results in an increase in sex drive and growth of muscles. It contains several overall health benefits without unpleasant side effects. Testing shows the product is effective for men of a variety of ages. Testofen is a key ingredient in men’s supplements including Synthroid and Alpha T1.

Who Makes Testofen?

Gencor is the pharmaceutical company that holds the patent for Testofen, with the product undergoing several clinical trials with positive results. In each test, the supplement provides the desired effects on men’s libidos. Testofen also provides an increase in muscle development and physical strength. The average user of this supplement reports noticeable improvements to physicality and sex drive within a few month of taking Testofen.

How to Use Testofen

This particular supplement is recommended for men over the age of 30 who have no serious chronic health conditions. At this average age, levels of testosterone start to decline, and more men start reporting lapsed libidos as they age. Testofen resolves the problems associated with low testosterone within a reasonable time frame. The key natural ingredient in this supplement is a derivative of fenugreek seeds. This extract boosts testosterone without the unwanted side effects of some synthetic testosterone enhancement products. Herbal mixtures made from fenugreek have been used for centuries to improve lactation in nursing mothers, to alleviate upset stomachs, and for a variety of other ailments.

Depending on existing levels of testosterone, most men take a dosage of 500 to 600 mg of Testofen per day. The average man sees the positive results of boosted testosterone within three to four months. The average dose of this supplement does not come with severe side effects, although some men who take higher doses report some mild effects. These side effects normally dissipate as the body adjusts to the supplement. Some of the most common side effects of Testofen include swelling of male breast tissue and some decreases in sperm production.

Testofen Benefits

Along with increasing testosterone safely and naturally, this supplement works to increase energy levels and aids in healthy fat loss. The average loss of excess body fat and the building of muscle are the most noticeable when Testofen accompanies a healthy diet and exercise plan. Before beginning this or any testosterone booster, men age 30 and over should consult with their physician to determine their current levels of testosterone. Having a baseline level is recommended to determine the effectiveness of the average dosage of Testofen.

Some of the temporary side effects of Testofen include gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, and sinus congestion. The vast majority of men with these side effects only report them with higher doses. The side effects usually go away within one to two months. The natural benefits of this testosterone boosting supplement outweigh the incidences of mild temporary side effects, making it one of the most effective ones currently on the market. Compared to some other options, a three-month supply of this testosterone enhancement product is available at a reasonable cost. Men with histories of sensitivities to supplements experience fewer unwanted side effects from this kind of natural testosterone booster.

Testofen Ingredients

Testofen is a unique fenugreek extract that has a large number of phytochemical components. These include saponins and Furostanol. Each of these has many different health benefits. This blend of ingredients is what causes this natural testosterone booster to boost sexual vitality. Men with an Andropause diagnosis, benefit from supplementation with Testofen in order to prevent drops in free testosterone levels. Clinical study results consistently show improvements in male energy levels, libido, muscle mass and overall feelings of well-being when using Testofen. Healthy levels of free testosterone are also linked to better immune function and lower levels of unhealthy body fat. Adding healthy clean foods to eating plans and engaging in regular exercise helps users keep up with muscle growth and weight maintenance.

Testofen Studies

The results of numerous clinical studies consistently show improvements in male energy levels, libido, muscle mass, and overall feelings of well-being. Healthy levels of free testosterone lead to a better immune functioning and lower levels of unhealthy body fat. To keep up muscle growth and weight maintenance, Testofen users of any age are encouraged to add healthy clean foods to their eating plans and to engage in regular exercise at least three times per week.

Andropause is a common condition among men over the average age of 45, and tt includes a loss of sexual vitality. It also includes increases in male estrogen levels, as well as, more difficulty maintaining a healthy body mass index. Supplementing with Testofen over a period of at least a few months will help reverse the unwanted effects of andropause. This significantly helps men maintain healthy levels of sexual arousal and function. This testosterone booster is available to purchase from the manufacturer, as well as, from several online third-party vendors. These third-party vendors include Amazon and Walmart. Candidates for Testofen supplementation should contact the manufacturer with any additional questions or concerns.