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The male hormone – testosterone – is a wonderful hormone responsible for much of the body’s functions including sexual drive, concentration, energy production, building muscles, and more. Unfortunately for many men, the natural testosterone levels in the body reduce as they age. Men can experience a drop in their testosterone levels. They may also experience the symptoms that come with a drop in testosterone. These include a decline in energy, muscular strength, metabolism, sexual drive and more. Men may see these symptoms as early as their 30s.

Whenever this drop in testosterone occurs, they often search for testosterone boosters in order to normalize or further boost testosterone levels. Testofen products are a great way to help men do just that. Below, we look at some Testofen products to choose from.

Three Supplements with Testofen as the Main Ingredient

Swanson Ultra Testofen Fenugreek Extract

As the name suggests, Swanson Ultra is a supplement made primarily from a Testofen/Fenugreek extract. It is well known primarily for its positive, testosterone-induced effects on the libidos of men and women. This Testofen product is standardized and known for its hormone balancing properties. Swanson Ultra comes in 60-capsule packages and is available on the Swanson official website at, at Walmart, or Amazon. This product costs as little as US$16.99.


AlphaT1 is a Testofen product which clinical trials show to increase endogenous testosterone levels in men. The result of this increase is fat loss and non-fat mass. Those who take AlphaT1 over time are likely to notice an increase in metabolism and fat burning propensity. They may also notice increases in stamina and maximum results from strength training workouts.

In addition to Testofen, some of the active testosterone boosting ingredients in AlphaT1 include D-aspartic and Bioperine. Costing an average of US$49.95, this product is backed by a 90-day guaranee. Men interested in taking this product should be able to find it at the official AlphaT1 website – – or on Amazon.

SyntheroidSyntheroid Testofen Products

Syntheroid is a testosterone boosting supplement that features a special Saponin-rich version of Testofen. It also features other clinically tested ingredients like Boron, which is designed to increase free testosterone in particular. It is also a standardized product showing beneficial results for users that are associated with increased testosterone levels such as building muscle, burning fat, and ramping up libido.

Like AlphaT1 and Swanson Ultra, Syntheroid brings users the best results when supplementing an existing healthy lifestyle. Although the supplement will work anyway, working out and eating well will give users the best results. Syntheroid is available on the official manufacturer’s website at or on

Who Testofen Products Are Best For

If you are a man (or you know a man) who is 30 years and over and who may be suffering from the physical or emotional symptoms of low testosterone levels, then Testofen products are a highly recommended solution. Testing and documentation of the effects of Testofen are readily available. Testofen products are to be taken as a supplement to one’s diet along with resistance training exercise.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can only help the product’s effectiveness given that it is a supplement. Finally, excessive doses of Testofen products can cause gastrointestinal issues, nasal congestion, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Using Testofen products as directed will give you the best possible results.

The More You Know

Working with the body’s natural chemistry, Testofen products, ┬áhave little to no side-effects when used properly. It is always recommended that you consult your primary care physician before taking these or any other supplements.