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The manufacturer of Testofen, Gencor, is featured in an article on Inc.com. Gencor specializes in the manufacture of clinically studied, all natural herbal supplements free of contaminants, including other herbs. They believe strongly in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of healing the human body through natural botanicals. Gencor works with leading Ayurvedic institutions to develop every product they offer.

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Testofen Feature Testofen Manufacturer Featured on Inc.com

The Testofen article begins by providing a snapshot of the basic business attributes of Gencor. The article gives specific mention to the rigorous testing Gencor subjects its herbal ingredients to in an effort to ensure safety and effectiveness. Gencor conducts research in both animal and human trials, so there are never any surprise side effects. Many studies are double-blind and subject to peer-reviewing, leaving no possibility for inaccurate results. The company also conducts scientific studies in its GLP-certified lab, in an effort to learn everything possible about a prospective ingredient before they use it in their products.

Next, the article discusses Testofen by name as an example of a successful Gencor product. Testofen is a fenugreek extract that binds to a proprietary matrix of saponin glycosides. Gencor calls this Fenuside. Clinical studies suggest that Testofen supplements, along with resistance training, help men retain healthy levels of free testosterone in their bodies, resulting in many health and performance benefits. These include an increase in muscle mass, an increase in sexual desire and performance, and the mitigation of the symptoms of Andropause.

The feature concludes by providing contact information for Gencor, and a link is provided to take interested parties directly to the Testofen profile on the company’s website. A phone number (949-502-5760) is also provided for more generic inquiries.

This Inc.com profile represents Gencor’s commitment to helping the masses with clinically proven herbal supplements, such as Testofen. They and their products are now easier to find and trust, maximizing the impact they can have on the dietary supplement marketplace.