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Testofen is a male performance enhancement product that helps to improve the levels of testosterone in the bodies of men. This leads to considerable muscle gain and arousal of sexual desire. While using it, men are also likely to experience several other positive effects.

The History of Testofen

Testofen is an extract from fenugreek seeds, which are proven to be a natural enhancement of testosterone. Fenugreek herbs are often used as a food flavor and as a remedy to aid lactation in women, as well as, used as a treatment for digestive disorders. After studying the product profusely, researchers discovered fenugreek can enhance testosterone levels in men.

Gencor manufactures and owns the patent to Testofen.  It has since gone through several clinical studies to find out its benefits and side-effects. After meticulously analyzing the effects of the product on men’s libido, researchers found out that there are a number of Testofen benefits. These benefits greatly improve men’s quality of life. The positive effects include remarkable muscle gain, as well as an increase in strength and sexual drive. The product is actually a principal ingredient in several renowned supplements, such as Synthroid and Alpha T1.

What is the Chemical Constitution of Testofen?

As a fenugreek extract, this particular product comes with numerous and useful chemical components. Fenugreek contains over a hundred phytochemical components, including Saponins, Furostanol, and steroidal Saponins. All of these come with a number of health benefits. However, Testofen is an exceptional fenugreek extract which is standardized into a mold of saponin glycosides that are christened Fenuside by Gencor.

Who Should Use Testofen?

As men advance in age, the levels of testosterone in their bodies diminish. Testofen is a remedy that mitigates the low testosterone levels in men, normally in their 30s and above, who have problems with diminishing levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone affect the strength, sexual drive, and the muscle mass gains in such men. The product minimizes and eliminates such problems.

What are the Main Benefits of Testofen?

This product is proven to help in the reduction of the ordinary symptoms of Andropause in men. Its components support a healthy sexual drive and vitality, gain in muscle mass, and boost natural testosterone levels in the body.

Supplementing one’s diet with any products that contain Testofen, as well as, habitual resistance exercise, aids in maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in men. This, as a result, supports several functions in the body. Apart from being a good testosterone booster, Testofen features several other benefits including:

• Improvement of libido and sexual desires in men

Testofen Benefits• Safe to use due to clinical testing
• Muscle gain and strength in adult males
• Aids in shedding of excess fat
• An effective natural product with few side effects

Does Testofen Have Any Drawbacks?

Numerous studies show that this particular product doesn’t contain any severe negative side effects. However, high doses of Testofen can cause mild side effects. Any abnormal increases in testosterone may create an imbalance in estrogen and other body hormones. This causes the enlargement of breast tissues. Decreasing sperm production is a common side effect of testosterone boosters. When taken in excessive doses, some of Testofen’s other drawbacks include, among others:

• Diarrhea
• Gastrointestinal issues
• Nasal congestion
• Gas and bloating.


The Testofen benefits outweigh any of its side effects. The product comes with one main benefit plus a plethora of other good elements, which can explain the numerous positive reviews it continues to receive online. However, in spite of the fact that several clinical studies show how natural and effective the product is, it is still capable of generating some side effects. This is especially true when misused. Before starting the product, it is advisable to strictly observe the right dosage, and also get a clearance from your physician first, in order to avoid any problems that might occur from its blind usage.

Testofen ranks among the best testosterone enhancement products available in the market, based on its active ingredients, affordability, and a number of benefits, as well as how fast it goes into effect. There is enough research on the science behind the product, and it is clinically proven to be not only highly effective but also safe, as well.