Can Cold Showers Really Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Products like Ageless Male Max have been shown to boost free-testosterone levels in men, but have you ever wondered about whether cold showers can also enhance male testosterone levels? Is it a proven medical fact, urban legend, or a bit of folk science that has some basis in fact? Fortunately, there is some research on the topic, which means men no longer have to be in the dark on this fascinating conundrum.

Cold Showers Boost Testosterone Levels Ageless Male Max

Cold Showers and Testosterone Level Facts

So what’s fact and what’s fiction with cold showers and testosterone levels? Here are some key facts we dug up:

-A U.K.-based study in 1993 showed a direct causal link between daily cold baths and increased testosterone levels.

-Some doctors who study physiological evolution believe that the male gonads are suspended from the body’s torso to make them cooler. This appears to be a natural way for the human species to cool the gonads and thus create a higher testosterone level.

-In dozens of research studies, heat has the opposite effect of cold on the male testosterone levels. In fact, heat seems to be able to kill-off testosterone and reduce the production of sperm in the male body.

-Cold temperatures signal your brain that the body is “in trouble” and needs more power, energy and strength. One way the brain responds to this distress call is by supplying more testosterone.

-Hair production in the body is scientifically linked to the production of testosterone. That’s probably the reason, scientists suspect, that people in colder climates tend to be more hirsute (hairier). Hirsuteness and high testosterone levels go hand in hand. Cold weather might work to do the same thing for the body as a cold shower or bath, namely boost T-levels overall.

-Supplements can do a great job at boosting testosterone levels, and without all the physical pain of icy cold showers. To cite one well-known example, the popular supplement Ageless Male Max that contains ashwagandha root to cause a healthy, effective rise in total-body testosterone levels.

-Cold showers are most effective, according to one study, when they are used for at least a week at a time. There’s no way around the pain, it seems, because for cold water to do its magic, you must live through more than just one cold shower or ice bath.

-Specific temperatures were the subject of one study which concluded that the “safe range” for male testicular temperatures was between 87 degrees and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Temps above that range caused a decrease in sperm production, while temperatures lower caused an increase in sperm production. Even testicular weight is likely affected by temperature in the same way that T-levels are.

What’s the Cold Truth?

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It seems that the scientific community agrees that a man’s testosterone level can be directly, and positively affected by cold temperatures, whether those temperatures are induced by being outside, taking an ice bath, or a very cold shower. Supplements like Ageless Male Max, too, show a clear ability to affect a rise in free-testosterone levels in men who are would rather use a supplement than endure the tortures of bone-chilling showers every day.